Since 2019 we have been affected by a pandemic that has destroyed normality for the majority of the world’s population. Social distancing creates uncertainty about the future, and this leads to increased anxiety and depression. Losing our family members, friends, getting away from everything and isolating ourselves creates a state of constant depression.

At the same time, this forces us to face our fears or insecurities, strengthens us and calls us to leave our comfort zone, dare to create different things, and who knows, perhaps the last one.

From the beginning it was a torture, leaving the routine of going out to photograph every corner of the city and share with other artists. Time passes and does not stop, the camera is not the same in hand, a different environment is felt, it is time to look for an alternative form of escape, create a channel between the emotional world and the most intimate of nature. Learn to be aware of who we are and where we come from.

Anelore, a photographic project where the individuality of the being is exposed in the face of an adverse situation. The health crisis has forced the expression of art to take place far from the usual settings. Faced with this, those spaces considered minimal have been resignified, but where creative life continues to beat.

A dancer moves silently in the middle of a dark room. There is no more cast. There is no audience. There is no applause, only the agitated heart is heard and the sound of the air that is cut with delicate movements that form different silhouettes.

As a photographer I had to make the complex decision to get away from the streets once the pandemic made any social action a risk. There were no longer large masses of passersby, the pace of the people changed. I searched for a new path, one that, despite controlling for external factors, was equally challenging in the new way of communicating my concerns. It would no longer be the camera in front of a crowd, now it would begin to be the infinite narrative possibilities of a single subject in front of my partner.

From my refuge I decide to immortalize the resistance of Anelore, a dancer who, despite everything, continues to move with the desire to defeat a darkness that seems to embrace her. Here is an exploration of movement and sound, elements that continue to define my work and thanks to which I have been able to find my place in the world.

Equipment used:
• Fujifilm X-T4
• XF16-80mm F4
• Fujifilm X100V
• Godox V1 and Godox TT350

Eduardo Asenjo Matus, was born in Valdivia Chile on October 5, 1990. Street photographer, former student of Architecture and Graphic Design, Fujifilm-X Chile and ambassador. The Photography love began in 2008, then I studied photography independently. At the beginning of 2017 I started my first project 'The Sound of Silence' black and white street photography, the idea was to show the world how I listen to the city. I have hearing problems and I wanted to show that in my work. To listen to someone I need to eliminate all the noise of other people and concentrate in one voice, representing the noise with blur and movement in the image. I share this project in social networks and is exposed in different countries such as Ecuador, Spain, India, Chile and magazines such as Black & white minimalism magazine, Eye photo magazine and Black magazine, DNG Photo Magazine, Soul of streets and Streets Magazine.


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