Printed magazine – Issue 3

We don’t have words enough to thank you all for the great feedback about the Fuji X Passion printed magazine. Even though print-on-demand lacks some of the offset’s printing quality, we think you and we have here a great source of photographic inspiration in this new printed issue.

We gathered so many good articles, illustrated with an expressive amount of spectacular imagery. The stories behind each photo series are always a pleasure to read – some more personal, others are more technical, and others combine both.

Inside this magazine, you’ll find 140 pages to read and enjoy while sipping a cup of coffee or lounging in a chair watching yet another incredible sunset.

This magazine is produced on print-on-demand and shipped from the US or UK, so you may need to pay customs duties if you are an EU customer. Please take this as an important note when purchasing your magazine.

Pages: 140 | Size: 17 x 24.4 cm (approx. 6.7 x 9.6 in) | FREE Shipping Worldwide

What you will find inside:

Johannes Rapprich
A Story of Love & Hate

Derrick Ong
Wedding photography with Fuji gear

Matthew Jelfs
Experiments in Digital Nomadism and Travel Photography

David Lowcher
Infrared: The Third Medium

Gaui H
From the Cold North. Fujifilm Passion

Mikkel Bech
Portrait Passion

Viktor Balaguer
From Russia with love

Luís Afonso
Love at first sight

Alexander Treptow
Why the pandemic changed the good for the better

* Please allow 3 to 7 business days for processing prior to shipping
* Delivery times vary by destination

* PO Boxes are not allowed.
* This magazine is produced on a print-on-demand basis, that is, each issue is made individually. For this reason, there may be minor print defects, so we will replace the copy if these appear in a large number and clearly disturb the reading of the text or do little to dignify the author’s work. Our services will evaluate each case.

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