You can now submit your photos to the Fuji X Passion Flickr Group

Yes, you read it right. Flickr is not dead, and no, we are not in 2012!

Those who have been around for a while know that Flickr was one of the first, and certainly the biggest, communities for photographers. Then came Instagram and the rest of the story you already are aware of.

However, Instagram has gradually become less and less user friendly, and admittedly Photography is no longer its central focus. Lots of advertising, TikTok style videos, and you all have heard about the “algorithm”.

“Head of Instagram says Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app. Instagram is focusing on becoming TikTok”

In recent months, dozens of photographers we know have started looking for an alternative to Instagram. Twitter, 500px, Glass App, among others. But none is perfect. And perhaps the solution was always there in front of us. Yes, Flickr.

We’ll highlight some of the main advantages:

  • Made for photographers, not influencers;
  • Preserves image quality, offering a viewing experience unobtainable on Instagram;
  • It retains the camera, lens and exposure information that all of us photographers love to check;
  • Thematic groups, equipment groups, you name it. And an endless number of threads for discussion;
  • Upload up to 1000 photos for free accounts, which is plenty, and unlimited uploads for Pro accounts;
  • Photo display up to 5K pixels (for Pro accounts);
  • Search photos by hashtag, location, camera, lens…
  • Among many other advantages.

But enough about the benefits of Flickr, let’s get right to it. If you’re not a Flickr user, you should seriously consider becoming one. If you already are, join our GROUP and start submitting your best photos today!

Group Rules:

  • Only photos taken with Fuji equipment will be accepted (X and GFX systems);
  • You can submit up to 7 photos per week. The goal is that you send only your best work;
  • This group is curated. We will privilege quality over quantity, and we are sure you understand and appreciate that. If some of your photos weren’t accepted yet, please keep trying.

Advantages of joining this group:

  • You are not required to submit photos to join the group. You can enter it simply to enjoy the work of others and find inspiration for your next photo projects;
  • The best photos may be published in our magazine. We are constantly looking for new talent;
  • You can use discussion threads to ask other members questions or simply express your opinion on a relevant subject.

What are you waiting for? Join today and start sharing your photos!

Aldeyjarfoss / Iceland
Fuji X100V
Meat Lovers


  1. As a Smugmug and Flickr user…thanks for discovering what thousands already know…Flickr is a wonderful place to share your work…it’s not for influencers as you said but that’s the best part…

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