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  1. Philip Sutton
    April 27, 2023 @ 5:12 am

    Lovely images and as mentioned, you have a unique style. I know what you are saying about the Fuji colours and look. I shot over a decade with Fuji and have only just sold them all off and swapped over for Nikon. I just found for the style that my clients needed, (Fuji crop-sensor can struggle in high ISO and low light, and I shoot a lot in low light), that I needed a FF system. The images from my Nikon Z lenses are incredibly sharp and beautiful but rather clinical. I can’t get the ‘secret sauce’ look that I used to be able to get with my Fuji RAW files. I had over a dozen Fuji lenses over the years but the classic one was the beautiful 16mm 1.4. I regret selling that lens because many of the images on my website that get the most interest were all taken on that lens.

    I was trying to get like a X-T2 and one of their primes to carry around for my personal projects, but Fuji has gone nuts in Australia and literally everything is sold out. No new models at my camera store, nothing on the shelf as stock, and long waiting lists on orders, and no used anything on ebay. I’m very happy with my Nikons. so luckily I do not regret swapping over to the dark side. However, one day when the madness dies down, I’d love to get one Fuji camera (The X-T2 with Trans sensor 3 was the best of all of the cameras – the newer models images are not as nice), and the new 23mm 1.4 WR – I think that would be a marvellous combination.


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