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Marcin Baran

About Marcin Baran

"My name is Marcin Baran, I was born in 1983 and I live in Poland. I am not a professional photographer. I specialise mainly in urban / street / human element photography. I started to shoot on everyday basis in August 2015 when I started my 365 Days Project. I've always liked taking photos and when I discovered Eric Kim, Marius Vieth and many others I knew that I had to try it for myself. My project ended up after 245 days but still I think it was a best decission I made - it helped me to discover my passion. 99% of my photos were shot in the same city - Gliwice. It's my hometown and I believe that I don’t need London, New York or Tokyo to do urban/street photography, I am satisfied with whatever place I am in. I strongly believe that amazing photo opportunities can be found anywhere."

Posts by Marcin Baran: