Sri Lanka Trip with my Fujifilm X-E3

To test and experiment the new Fujifilm X-E3, I brought this pre-production camera to Sri Lanka (my review about the camera here). All the picture that you see that I took them with the X-E3 and all are in JPEG. It’s my third time visiting the country and it is […]

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My review for the Fujifilm X-E3

Since I’m part of the FUJIFILM X-Photpgraphers of Singapore (Dec 2016), this is my first time that I was contributing to a launch of a new camera. I want to thank FUJIFILM Singapore for this opportunity with the FUJIFILM X-E3, please find my review bellow. Just a little summary about […]

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Fuji X-E3 camera fixes

We all know that Fuji guarantees support for our cameras for several years, through regular firmware updates, either to fix minor bugs or to introduce new features. And that’s why we love them so much! However, there are small problems that we wouldn’t call them “bugs”, because they’re just due […]

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