Fujifilm X100F and the settings for Street Photography

It is well-known that street photography is easier and more enjoyable if you use a small and light camera, without making a compromise in image quality. The X100 series, which started with the original Fujifilm X100, announced almost 8 years ago, was the cheapest alternative to Leica cameras. More affordable, […]

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Fujifilm X100F Review

I’ve only had this camera for a short amount of time and I debated whether or not to post a blog entry about it.  Did I shoot enough with it? Did I put it through its paces? Did I feel informed enough? Did I return it like I did my […]

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Shooting Metallica with Fuji Gear

Earlier this month, I finally made up for a 20-plus-year missed opportunity: Seeing Metallica perform live. Long ago, the group performed in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, but this particular 7th grader was not allowed out that late on a school night. When I caught wind the band would […]

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On Vacation With Fuji’s X100F

  The following images were taken with Fujifilm’s X100F on a trip to NYC as “Acros” Black & White JPEGs and lightly edited in Photoshop. For the last 4 months it’s been my daily carry/vacation camera First of all I’ve had an interest in the X100 series cameras since the […]

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Fujifilm Love Hate!

I have lent out a lot of personal Fujifilm kit over the last five years and the result has always been some love hate relationships and personal battles with the kit. I always find this very interesting. I remember my first time with the X100 and how it wound me […]

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