Compagnon Messenger bag review, by Christian Anders

Almost three (3) years ago, I posted on my blog about a camera case that I fell in love with from day one. My photography career has since changed, and so has my camera equipment. But what has not changed, is the ‘love’ for my case, my Compagnon(‘s).

Now let me explain one step at a time: A few days ago I sent a short letter together with a photo of my camera case content to the editors of the Fuji X Passion magazine. Not only were they very impressed with the content and devices, but also my case – my large Compagnon. Based on their positive feedback, I decided to provide some further details and evaluate “my Compagnon” once again.

In 2013 I purchased a camera case by the brand Compagnon named ”The Messenger”. It was by my side 80% of the year. As mentioned in my initial post back then, I was genuinely impressed by its the workmanship and design, and I am still. The more I utilize “The Messenger” the better and more comfortable it seems to get; and the leather has become very soft as well. Even though I was not impressed with its price at first, I now know for sure that it was worth to spend the extra Euro.

Mid-2014 I decided to take a little adventure into the mirrorless camera scene with the Fuji X20 and the Fuji X-E2. It turned out that my camera case seemed too large occasionally. The temptation of adding additional items to simply fill up the case was very high. Therefore, I decided to purchase a smaller bag – “The little Messenger”. But why would I buy a smaller version of the Compagnon instead of purchasing an alternative and less pricy case? The answer is easy: It became clear to me immediately after my initial purchase that nothing else could ever compete with my Compagnon. I did not want to trade the high quality and comfortable feeling of my case!

It has been two (2) years since this second purchase and you may wonder why Fuji X Passion magazine received my letter. Well, I have fully transitioned to the Fuji X System at the end of 2014:
When the Fuji X-E2 was introduced to the market, I was not shy to admit that I could not imagine using this particular camera as my main camera. But fast forward five (5) months, and my opinion has completely changed. I am now a proud user of Fuji X for all my client orders.

Now that I owned two (2) bodies, two (2) lenses and dedicated flashes, I wondered many times whether or not I still needed “The Messenger” case – the case that was too large for all my lightweight and small sized equipment. YES, I still needed it.

Meanwhile, my equipment collection has expanded to include a Fuji X-T1, a Fuji X100T and a Fuji X-Pro 1. It is completed by three (3) lenses sized XF 16mm, XF 35mm, and XF 56mm alongside the dedicated flashes, an instant printer and a small sound box. Even though my equipment became smaller and lighter, it continued to fill in “The Messenger” nicely. Especially during wedding shoots, you will see this case by my side. Since a second body is necessary for backup, I am able to easily fit my two (2) cameras and the accessories in my camera case. The Compagnon continues to fulfill its purpose. The little “Nubsies” beneath the case ensure that it stands firm even with one camera only. As of this day, the material does not show any signs of wear and tear. The leather is soft and even when the cases get wet, they securely store the content protecting it from the water.

The smaller case, “The little Messenger”, is great for excursions and city trips; especially when I travel with the X100T, my notebook and other small items. The larger case I use for my work and shootings as my MacBook along with other work related items fit comfortably.

Both camera cases have become part of my life; and those who know me will see me with one or the other in everyday life or during photo shootings.

Compagnon has expanded its product line by now offering additional great solutions for camera cases and even camera backpacks. After three (3) years of constant usage, I can truly recommend this brand. I am convinced that at some point I will make another purchase towards a Compagnon product.

If anyone has questions or would like to share their experience, please contact me or leave your feedback in my comment section.


  1. The Compagnon site doesn’t list these leather cases. Only smaller bag in waxed cotton. Am I missing something? Thanks.

      1. The real appeal would be the leather bag. The weekender is indeed still leather, but that’s a huge bag. Thanks for responding.

    1. hi
      the bags look good but look at Paul Marius bags which are like ONA but lower cost than ONA and Compagnon.
      I bought a Visconti bag from Amazon which are very well made and added a Billingham Hadley insert all for less than £100, I do have the Paul Marius bag Le Pit reporter and it is well made.

      1. The Marius bags are indeed very nice looking – huge selection at this site. Bookmarked. Thanks for the heads up.


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