75 days with X-Pro 2

I’ve been using the X system for almost two years now. The XE-2 was my first camera and the one that made me want to switch to this brave new world. I’m sure someone will argue that it isn’t a perfect one, but then, is there one?

I always thought the first Xpro was a great camera, but when I came along to Fujifilm it was already yesterday’s news, so I never got to work with one. I made the XT-1 my work camera, the XE-2 my street/backup and it suited pretty much all my needs.

The one thing I really missed was the optical viewfinder, so I planned to move to the Xpro 2 as soon as I could and, fortunately for me, the switch was made exactly 75 days ago.

I must say it’s a beautiful camera. Certainly the best of Fujifilm today and, I believe so, for the years to come. I know everyone is really excited on the next great thing and I’m sure the XT follow up will be indeed great, but the things it will bring won’t be that important for me. I don’t need the tilt screen, 4K and I love the ISO dial of the pro, so I’m not holding my breath. Don’t take this the wrong way, everyone as their preferences and needs, these are mine.

I guess by now there’s not much I can tell about the camera that you haven’t heard, so I will just talk about my experience and why I love it. And I do, make no mistake about it. Let’s begin with that dial that everyone seems to undermine, but I’m glad they gave us. Once you learn how to work with it, you will control the ISO setting while looking through the viewfinder and that’s it. It isn’t a problem and in my case I find it as good as the XT dial.

Then there’s the AF. I don’t now if it’s the fastest (nor do I care), but it works and it’s quicker and more accurate. The truth is I was more impressed than I wish to admit at first and with the new dial on the back all the previous shortcomings are solved. I still think the system is capable for everything, even sports, but I’m certain that someone will state otherwise. Notice, I said capable, there’s better suited equipment for ‘action’ photography.

The optical viewfinder is exactly what I was looking for and what made me invest soon in this camera. With the option to use the EVF when needed -in my case mostly in close ups and with the wide angle 10-24 in the shortest focal length-, it really is the best of both worlds and a total bliss for everyone who really loves photography. By the way, the EVF isn’t as big as the XT, but the refresh rate is better in a way that I don’t even notice it anymore. And remember, I still work with both cameras and the lag I undermined before is now noticeable.

None of that would matter if the image quality wouldn’t improve. At least it would be a serious problem with such a huge price tag. My feeling is that the files it produces are stunning and I even feel it’s easier to handle them in LR. I already liked the previous 16 mp sensor, so it isn’t a easy statement to make. At high ISO’s the images are wonderful and I had the chance to test them in a beautiful concert last month.

Cutting a long story short, with all those other beautiful things it brings, like Acros, a new and customisable menu, dual card slots, breathtaking design, solid construction, it really is a wonderful piece of equipment and a joy to use. It relegated the ‘though’, that I can tell you. The rangefinder isn’t for everyone and you should consider it if you feel it would be a problem for you. As for full frame/aps-c, for me is a non issue, but I already told you that here, here and here.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t work for Fuji, nor did Fuji loaned me equipment, payed me, asked to write a line. I’m just a ‘happy camper’, glad to have found the X. That’s the only thing you should look for, the X that works for you. Thank you for reading. http://jorgefmarques.com

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