Fuji X Passion Magazine – Volume 2 | Pre-order now!

The most elegant printed magazine for Fuji X system users



Hello everyone!
We have got some good news for you. The Volume 2 of the Fuji X Passion printed magazine is almost ready!
If you’re still not familiar with it, please take a look here
Why the Fuji X Passion magazine is unique? Because it’s the only printed magazine in the world whose portfolios were exclusively shot using Fuji X cameras.
The ones who already know it can rest assured, we will keep its characteristics: high quality printing over heavy matte paper.
The first edition was a smashing success and gave us the encouragement to proceed. As a matter of fact, instead of publishing the printed magazine twice a year as planned, from now on it will be released every four months!
How can it get better? How about a 20% discount?
Until its official release, estimated to 24th of October, all the pre-orders will get a direct discount of 20% over the cover price.
Don’t miss this opportunity!



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