Unseen images (and video) of the Fuji X Passion printed magazine

Hello everyone!

Some of you have been asking if we replaced the Fuji X Passion magazine by the new Virtual Magazine. And the answer is no, not at all!

These are two different publications from Fuji X Passion, in every ways. While the PDF magazine gathers different kinds of articles, like photographic techniques, interviews, news and reviews, the paper magazine it’s in a completely different category.

The Fuji X Passion magazine is a photography book, printed on heavy matte paper. It’s about photographs and their authors, mainly focused on portfolios. And it’s exclusively available as printed magazine.

When we thought about publishing it as a paper magazine only, it was a tough decision… but we don’t regret it at all! The feedback as been 100% positive and the encouraging words made us realise that it couldn’t have been any other way.

Yes, ebooks are wonderful because you can carry them everywhere and comfortably read on your notebook, smartphone or tablet. But for trully appreciate Photography, there is nothing like the touch and smell of paper.

If you wish to know a bit more about the magazine, we present you some previously unreleased “making of” images.


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If we say that we trully love this magazine, it would sound somewhat suspicious, wouldn’t it?! 🙂
So it’s better to let the (some) readers and professionals speak about it:


Richard Simko
“I thought it’s quite high price tag until I opened the package. My first impression was that the magazine had very premium feel to it. […] It is Fuji oriented but as for photographic works it can be inspirational just for everybody. Magazine uses lots of white spaces and it’s nicely designed. […] Overall this magazine is of very high quality and standard. Definitely worth the price. With hard cover it could easily qualify as coffee-table book. I’ll be definitely getting the next issue.”

Bradley Hanson
“With magazines transitioning to online only subscriptions, it makes the printed page feel even more special. The look, feel and even the smell of quality printing is a joy.”

Robert Clark
“My new copy of @fujixpassion Magazine arrived today. Folks, this is a stunning creation that is beautifully printed and full of inspiration. I love my Fuji cameras and this magazine showcases why.”

Fuji vs Fuji
“Most recently, I received the inaugural issue of FujiXPassion, a magazine dedicated to sharing inspiration by presenting the work of other photographers. As soon as I opened my copy, I knew it was going to be good. The authors have clearly gone to great lengths to ensure the photography looks its best on the matte, premium stock they’re printed on. The shadow detail preserved in the rocks of the first image, for example, is astounding. Folks who enjoy printed work will be very pleased with the quality here. […] The magazine, which is really verging on book territory, ships in a plastic bag, which is then enclosed in a hard cardboard sleeve, so you can be sure your copy will arrive undamaged.”

Tom Leuntjens
“Received my #fujixpassion printed magazine right on time! love the look and feel. feels more like a book than a magazine. great work guys.”


“One of the Best Magazines I Own. It is here! Finally, after a few weeks of impatiently waiting. The magazine has a very premium feel to it. It has a glossy cover and uses thick high quality matte paper inside which doesn’t leave fingerprints. Holding it feels very luxurious!”

Arismar D. de Sousa, Brazil
“I am apprentice in the photo business and buy a lot of stuff to read, study. At least in theory I know some basic. Even I dare to guess at pictures of other photographers. However, practice anything.
So when I received Fuji X Passion Magazine Volume 1, be surprised at the speed in delivery.
And do not stop there. The envelope in which the copy came packaged, made me believe in respect to what is delivering (the zeal on the packaging demonstrates careful with your content, that is, what’s inside is something of inestimable value).
After opening the envelope, sure. The magazine was enclosed in a clear plastic envelope.
The quality of plastic reinforced the idea past the outer envelope.
I had to hold my breath to flip through the pages of the book in my hands.
What else can I say? I have in hand a work of art. I did not have time to read it, but I beheld some pictures.
So what can I say about my shopping experience in store: just fantastic! Worth every penny paid.
That’s it. I’m waiting for the next number.”

And you know the best part? We’re now working on the Volume 2!

Meanwhile, why don’t you enjoy your vacations taking with you the best possible reading: the Volume 1!

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Have a nice reading everyone! And if you are on vacations, don’t forget to take the Fuji X Passion magazine with you!



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