Quintessence of the light

My name is Bernard BOSC, photographer, 41 years old, I reside in the French Guiana.
I would first like to thank the Fuji X-Passion team for this article. Talking about my work is an abstract subject, because I am interested in all forms of photographs. What is important to me is light, composition and beauty.

In general, I work with natural light or artificial sources: that of a bedside lamp, for example. I use the light that exists; In fact, I am not a flash fetishist in my pictures, except of course for orders. There is very little retouching on my photographs, just the essential: brightness, contrast and a balance of colors. The photo is related to reality: in my opinion, too much to change the content is no longer a photograph. My approach thus remains that of the great masters of photography; I must remain authentic and despite all the possibilities of retouching, I try to respect this fundamental principle of photography.
I am an instinctive photographer, in search of lights and beauty.

I was interested in the Fuji cameras since the release of the X-Pro1 for its exceptional pictorial rendering and innovative concept. Previously I owned Nikon equipment, the mythical Nikon D3, a 24-120mm, the 70-300mm and the 105mm macro Nikon, a wonder for portraits. Then I was interested in the famous X-T1 for its ergonomics, its retro concept and the technical advantages of the hybrid cameras. But I had a negative reserve on autofocus. This is an important choice, especially when you own a Nikon D3.

With a very humid environment and very variable climatic conditions, Guyana puts the photo material to the test: the sensor of my camera and my optics had fungus, it was very painful! For lack of sufficient financial means, I had to change everything, retouching each image to erase the traces of the fungus; In the face of the loss of quality of the objectives, it was necessary to make a choice and I no longer wanted to invest in competing brands.
With the latest X-T1 updates and user testimonials, I chose to buy it for its lightness, its performance and its very high quality of images while taking care that it is weather sealed, important element not to be neglected in Guyana.

Today, after 10 months of use, I am very satisfied. Somewhat disturbed at first, but so surprised by the rendering of the images: it is a real tool for creation.
I own the 18-135mm which is my Swiss knife and the 60mm macro, my little jewel, with which I realize my portraits and landscapes and that I love especially for the quality. I do not have the famous 56mm or the 10-24mm, you have to be patient in photography.

Currently, my work is related to my wife: she came into my life at the same time as buying the X-T1. It is my muse and thanks to her, I can finally explore all my artistic fantasies. Moreover, I am aware that it is a great advantage to have a model available permanently. We share common themes such as nudity, eroticism, death, beauty, emotions.

Our house is a small laboratory, we do experiments there; We work without too much preparation, and use as much as possible the lights that inhabit us. I do not have any specific ideas at the outset; I am indeed instinctive, knowing well what I am looking for: I need a click, an inspiration and most often it comes from light, contrasts, graphics, it is the basis of a good image. For my wife, it is a renaissance; After a cancer more than a year ago, showing one’s body is a way of speaking, it is a testimony of hope for all those who experience this type of trial.

The photographs chosen here are from several series, realized with us with our intimate lights. I work a lot with my 60mm macro for its quality. With variable sensitivities between 200 and 4000 iso, I develop my RAF files with Iridient Developer and finalize with Photoshop and Silver Efex for black and white. I do not edit my pictures, nor modify my lights: everything happens when shooting, and we couldn’t believe the opposite! Recently, I started experimenting with the function of double exposures with the X-T1, it is a practice not to be neglected.
In my pictures, I try to use light to reveal the strange, and that of emotions as another form of beauty.

Since the acquisition of X-T1, there is a real evolution in my work. Indeed, it is a tool more accessible, almost playful, which corresponds to my spontaneity.
I try to find my photographic writing: there is today such saturation of images with all the social networks that I have the impression that everyone realizes almost the same things; All is retouched, without fault, photography has become a consumable, with its trends, a bit like fashion!
So it seems to me very important for a photographer to look for himself, to re-learn his craft, to discover new artistic approaches, in order to find very different concepts.

My projects for the future are many: I have been in Guyana for 5 years and I would like to highlight the people of Guyana in a series of portraits, using the medium format GSX of Fuji as well as the large format camera 4×5 in film. To accomplish this project, partners and sponsors are welcome to accompany me. Other projects are in development, but my dearest wish is to continue working with the Fuji hardware in order to become and be part of the ambassadors of the brand: to be an X-Photographer.

Born in Paris in 1975, of parents of Guadeloupean origin, Bernard Bosc devotes himself from his adolescence to his passion, photography. A photographer in a regional newspaper, he obtained his photography CAP at the École Guadeloupéenne de l'Image at the age of 24 and discovered commercial photography at the CIA studio. His meeting with the great portraitist of art Jacques Cilirie allows him to integrate the studio "Art's phot" where he becomes an art photographer. His encounters and his determination have made him a versatile photographer; He decided to become professional in 2008 as photographer-author. Currently living in French Guiana, he works on various projects related to beauty and light, in order to achieve the elevation of collective consciousness.


  1. Bernard, I too am a X-T1 shooter, and, while i have tempted to purchase X-T2 i am waiting to see what the future has in store for Fuji shooters….I must confess your shooting style and images are stunning captures and they represent the testament of the X-T1 capabilities… Good work..if you have a web sight please send it to me…and your beautiful wife is truly a beautiful lady.

    Cheers my friend,
    George Pandelakis

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