MOVIE: “Light On The City – LISBON” – Discovering beautiful cities, from the photographer’s point of view



At the very heart of photography is the art of seeing, of looking at the world and noticing the beautiful visual nuances that surround us every day. In the cities we live in however, it’s easy to forget to look around and appreciate the world as we rush from one place to another. Photography is a way of re-opening our eyes to the places we live and seeing them with a fresh perspective, reconnecting ourselves with the sense of wonder we feel the first time we see something new or visit a new place.

The way a photographer sees a city will certainly be different from the perspective of an architect, historian, engineer, anthropologist or a cook. This passion we have shapes the way we look at the light or its absence, the lines, the colours, the mist, the people, the fallen leafs, everything.

With this series, we want to take you on a journey around some of the most beautiful cities, showing them from the photographer’s point of view. From the large central squares to the narrow alleys and cafes, there is always a point of interest to be captured by the trained eye of the photographer.

In this first video we have the pleasure to have as our host Andy Mumford, professional landscape and travel photographer based in Lisbon for 20 years. He kindly guided us from sunrise to sunset through the city he loves and calls home: Lisbon.

“When I got together with Hugo and Mauricio with the aim making a film about street photography with Lisbon as a backdrop, we wanted to communicate the joy of wandering the streets and rediscovering a city with a photographer’s eye. I wanted try to give an insight into each image and my process when shooting light and fast street scenes as they unfold before my eyes, but we also wanted the film to be about Lisbon with its atmospheric neighbourhoods, winding streets, steeps hills and views across the river. We filmed all across the city using handheld cameras as well as aerial footage and time-lapses, starting at sunrise looking out across the rooftops towards the river, and finishing at sunset next to the beautiful modern architecture of MAAT to try to create a complete visual picture of Portugal’s wonderful capital.”

Light on the City: Lisbon is both an informative look at street photography and a stunning visual journey around one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.
This inspirational video is almost 40 minutes long and can be acquired in Full HD format through the link below:


All purchases of this video until 15th of April will automatically receive a €5.00 discount on the Fuji X Passion virtual magazine yearly subscription. That’s 25% off over the regular price of €20.00 for 1 year membership.

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  1. Hi Mauricio, Hugo & Andy.
    What an amazing job you have all done to create such a terrific short film on Lisbon. The production value is very good & the editing is spot on. I can’t recommend it highly enough! My wife & I are planning on heading to Lisbon, together with Andalusia, later in September or October this year, so I had a special interest in seeing your take on Lisbon & it is a real treat. Andy’s love & knowledge of his adopted town shine through & it has given me so much to look forward to when visiting & photographing there.
    Readers: Take advantage of the generous discount & buy your copy of the film….it is very much worth the price of admission. There is just enough technical info to give guidance on what Andy is shooting but the real star & focus of the show is Lisbon & it’s amazing light.
    Dubai, UAE

  2. How thrilled I am to have discovered Fujipassion and Andy’s Lisbon video. The ability to capture the essence of any place really varies from eye to eye and from the trailer, I very excited to see the video in it’s entirety. Lisbon is one of those cities that doesn’t brag or boast but sits in it’s own quiet beauty for all of our eyes to be filled with. It’s a city permanently placed in my favorite memory box of my mind. I just received my X-T20 a few days ago and already in love with it’s capabilities and size and look forward to capturing Lisbon through it again some day soon. I’m a transplant from the US living in Spain and Spain, Portugal and Morocco are 3 places I never grow tired of.

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