Choosing an ultra-wide angle for Fujifilm

Adrian Evans loves Fujifilm XF lenses and he has quite a nice collection; not to mention the intention to still extend his range of lenses. However, the quest for an ultra-wide angle lens to be used on an APS-C sensor is not one without difficulties.

Samyang 12mmF2
Fuji XF14mmF2.8


Of these three it’s hard to choose really.  I kind of dismiss the 14mm as the only thing that really appeals to me with that lens is it doesn’t need correcting.

The 12mm is appealing because they say it’s quite good for shooting stars (something I plan to do in Australia quite a bit) and it’s a good jump down from the 23mm.  It’s also very cheap (especially here in Hong Kong).  I’m quite tempted to pick this one up despite whatever other lens I get.

The 16mm is tempting mainly because it’s FAST and might be good for event shooting, it also has a reputation as being one of the best Fuji lenses.  So it’s very tempting, however the price and the fact I already have 16mm covered by the 16-55 (which would do fine in most cases at an event) AND that it’s not too far off the 23mm f1.4 is putting me off it slightly. Certainly if it were half the price it is right now I’d probably already own one… maybe one day.”

Fuji XF16mmF1.4
Zeiss Touit 12mmF2.8


Have a read on Adrian’s blog about the strengths and weaknesses of several choices for Fujifilm users.


Curated by Sebastian Boatca



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