The 20th edition of the Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine is now available!

Hello everyone,

Today we are proud to present you the February 2018 edition of the Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine!
Filled with great articles and beautiful photographs, inside this 20th issue you will find:

  • By train in Vietnam, by Francisco Morais
  • Composition… it’s childs play, by Martin Gillman
  • Digital Fuji Acros vs Ilford FP4 Film, by Luigi Barbano
  • 5 seconds to impress. Masterclass of Photography for Instagram, by Jake Jakab
  • A geographer turned photographer – Traveling with the Fuji X system, by Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy
  • Longevity People of Okinawa In the Eyes of Jose Jeuland, by José Jeuland
  • A Swirly Bokeh Portrait Lens for $30, by Paul Mauer
  • INSTAGRAM – Recommended Instagram accounts that you should take a look.


How much does it cost?
Each monthly issue will cost ONLY 2,50€ – yes, you read it right! – if bought individualy, or ONLY 20,00€ for an annual subscription.

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