Important updates for Fujifilm GFX 50S

The GFX 50S is the Fujifilm’s pride in the Medium Format world. With 50 megapixels, outstanding image quality and a range of lenses, both zooms and primes with great optics, this camera is aimed for the professional work, where resolution and high dynamic range are a must-have in photography.

As the Kaizen philosophy applies to the GFX 50S camera as well, the latest firmware updates brings 2 important features. The first one allows you to capture up to 999 frames at a specified focus shift, a great feature for focus stacking. The second one enables the camera to use a limited part of its sensor surface, equivalent to a 24 x 36 mm sensor, generating 30 MP files, in both JPEG and RAW format. This is a great way to use the camera in combination with Full-Frame lenses, via the proper adapter.

You can find Fujifilm’s complete description of the firmware update version 3.00 in the link below:

Curated by Sebastian Boatca



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