Fujifilm X100F and the settings for Street Photography

It is well-known that street photography is easier and more enjoyable if you use a small and light camera, without making a compromise in image quality.

The X100 series, which started with the original Fujifilm X100, announced almost 8 years ago, was the cheapest alternative to Leica cameras. More affordable, yes, but not necessarily weaker in performance.

There are many photographers that love street photography and each one has a personal style, which comes with a specific set of camera settings. If you are new to street photography, or you just got a new Fujifilm X100 series camera, Samuel explains his choice of settings for street photography, that you may find useful for your style of photography, as well.

0:44 – Turn off all the sounds
1:22 – Turn off the AF Illuminator
1:58 – RAW + JPEG
2:47 – Back-Button autofocus
3:17 – Customizable Buttons
5:12 – Display Settings
7:00 – How I expose & ISO Dial…
8:11 – Quick Menu & Custom Function Presets


Curated by Sebastian Boatca



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