Are third party Fuji batteries any good? Better stick to the original?

This is a debate that, at least for Fujifilm, goes back in time when the first Fujifilm X100 camera was launched.

It is a common known fact that Fujifilm batteries don’t offer great autonomy, especially when used in cameras with the electronic viewfinder turned on, with High Performance Mode turned on, when checking the results on the back LDC screen, when using AF in low light situations and OIS activated (for the lenses that do have OIS). All those factors put a heavy strain on your batteries and it is essential to have spare batteries.

Original Fujifilm batteries are quite expensive, but luckily there are third-party alternatives and sometimes they come with interesting accessories, like extra chargers that work in the car, or powered by an USB socket. Michael from PixelCatcher sheds some light into this important topic.


Curated by Sebastian Boatca