SIMPLR Camera Strap Review

About 3 months ago, Jason from SIMPLR camera straps kindly sent me a M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap in Castor Gray color. I was really excited to try out this new strap because I use them a lot. I like working with prime lenses so I frequently use two cameras, each with a different focal length, which I alternate depending on my needs. For this reason for me a camera strap is an essential accessory.

All cameras are shipped with an original strap but, to tell the truth, they all feel cheap. No matter the brand, Canon, Sony, Fuji, they don’t match the price we pay for the cameras. And, in this particular subject, Fuji is perhaps the worst… So I’ve been using 3rd party straps, usually handcrafted leather straps from independent manufacturers. Although stylish, the problem with leather straps is that they take a few months to break until they get soft and pleasant to the touch.

As soon as I took out the M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap from the packaging, the first thing that stands out is the build quality. Although it’s a very simple piece (as the name implies), everything on this strap denotes a high standard of quality, from the materials chosen to the manufacturing itself. The nylon strap is thin, light and soft. The stitching is precise and the quick-releases are from Op/Tech.

This type of solution is already known from Peak Design straps, but the famous quick connectors in black/red have never really convinced me because of its size. These, in addition to being a little smaller, are also more discreet.

Disconnecting the camera from the strap is not something that I do very often, but sometimes it’s handy to better store the camera inside the bag or to use the strap in different cameras by purchasing some extra Mini QD Loops.

In a couple of minutes it’s ready to use.

Now the question is… these fragile-looking connectors can hold up the weight of the camera? Yes, they definitely can. I pulled hard enough, more than any camera can do in normal use and they showed no signs of stress.

Although these straps were designed for mirrorless cameras, I have no doubt that they can also be used with a DSLR and a mid-range zoom.

In a daily utilization is quite pleasant to use, it matches very well with any type of camera, even with the classic X-Pro1, especially in this color Castor Gray.

I was expecting that, after almost 3 months of use, it began to show some signs of wear, but it didn’t. It looks almost out of the packaging, so it should be a good sign regarding its durability.

Being used to leather straps it wasn’t difficult to adapt to this one. But I must say that sometimes you should be careful, because with certain types of clothing this nylon strap can become a bit slippery. Or maybe I feel that because the leather straps usually have suede underside, which makes them quite adherent.

To conclude I would say that it was a very pleasant surprise. For me the original straps no longer leave the packaging, so a good strap is an important acquisition. And the SIMPLR is certainly recommended.


  • Ease of installation and length adjustment;
  • Quality of the materials;
  • Lightweight and soft;
  • Easy and quick to connect/disconnect the Mini QD Loops.


  • It can be a bit slippery;
  • Although the colors available are quite pleasant and sober, the options available are somewhat limited at this point.



Co-founder of the Fuji X Passion Project. Travel and documentary photographer from Portugal, using mirrorless cameras since 2012.

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