Premium Documentary Project | Module 2 – Planning: All you need to do before you start shooting

This module will be dedicated to planning. Please make sure that you have read Module 0 and Module 1 first. Developing a documentary project is a rewarding experience and will definitely change the way you photograph. All photographers have a favorite genre of photography and, within it, subjects for which they particularly interested. However, we often do it without a defined course, that is, we may consistently take excellent photos, but looking at them as a whole, they don’t have any type of connection between them. When making the decision to focus on a well defined project for a certain period of time, you will experience an extraordinary change in the way you photograph:

  • You will photograph more;
  • It will stay focused and motivated;
  • Your work will be consistent;
  • The final result will be a set of photographs that you will be proud of and that will last for years and years.

Near the Luachimo river, in Saurimo – Angola: Far from the capital city, job opportunities are scarce and the profits from the diamonds extraction don’t reach the people. After school, many boys hunt small rodents that are then sold at around USD 4.00 each group and used for food. Along with river fish, it’s one of the sources of protein.
Others wait by the river for potential customers to wash their cars. Portrait of a young man who minutes before had washed my 4×4 pickup.

At this stage you have already made the decision to move forward with a project and you also chose the subject in which to focus. But before you pick up your camera and walk out of the door, please take a moment to make a plan. Believe me, it will make all the difference. Whether the subject, theme or event takes place in your hometown or in a distant country, the right amount of preparation will increase the likelihood of success and allow everything to unfold without major problems or unforeseen circumstances that could jeopardize the accomplishment of the project. So let’s now look at some of the most important factors to be considered: Timing CONTINUE READING…

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Co-founder of the Fuji X Passion Project. Travel and documentary photographer from Portugal, using mirrorless cameras since 2012.