Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine – June 2019

Hello everyone!

The June 2019 edition (100 pages) of the Fuji X Passion Magazine is ready for you with wonderful images, interesting articles and interviews.

This month you will find a magazine that you will surely enjoy.

Landscape photography and Fujifilm, the best combo
by Carmine Gammarota

From chasing adventure to chasing light
by Chris McSherry

Find your own way and just follow it
by Patrik Šimr

Keeping the family tradition
by Philippe Poitevin

REVIEW | Camera Backpack Review: Atlas Athlete Packs
by Matthew Storer

3 reasons why Fujifilm’s 100-400mm is a must have in your Landscape kit!
by Sathya Parthasarathi

Removing the film from the developer feels like Christmas every time
by Bart Domhof

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