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Almost all photographers have used, at least once, a Preset to change the mood or colors of a photo. But, as you’d expect, there’s a little bit of everything:Presets that are actually very good – but they cost money, some of them quite a lot of money -, those who are so-so and those who are not worth the disk space they occupy, being really uninteresting. Usually – there are exceptions -, almost all of the free ones have little interest, damaging the photographs more than they enhance. In addition to the retro design, the quality of the files, one of the things that most appeals to me in Fuji’s X system is its “color science” and the well-known film simulations. Fujifilm has a long history of success connected with film development. And the engineers took advantage of all this know-how to adapt the characteristics to the digital reality. And let’s say it did quite successfully, because the classics Velvia and Acros are very close to what they were in the film era. If the Fuji X system offers us such interesting film simulations, what is the reason for replacing all the color characteristics of the image with those that are offered by the Presets but which do not guarantee the same homogeneity? While it is true that the original film simulations give us very interesting and consistent results, what you may not know, or have never tried, is that you can create your own Presets in camera, or later in the Fuji X Raw Studio. The idea is, starting with a film simulation, to change the values ‘highlight’, ‘shadow’, ‘color’, ‘grain effect’, among others, to get a new color recipe, a custom Preset. As you can see, the possibilities are almost infinite, but where the results can be more or less satisfactory, depending on the modified values, of course. Here are some suggestions for modifications that you can make in the original film simulations, with the respective values I changed in the settings. Always accompanied by some pictures to illustrate. CONTINUE READING…

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