The mountains

Through this visual story, Maurício Reis shares his experience of discovering the autumn beauty in one of the lesser-known mountain ranges in Portugal. Serra da Freita, a place to visit slowly.

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For years I had intended to visit one of the lesser-known mountain ranges in Portugal. From what I had heard and had the opportunity to see in the (few) images of Serra da Freita, in the north of Portugal, this desire to visit it was growing. I didn’t know it, but I had a feeling it could be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who like photography.

A little over a year ago, in the middle of autumn, perhaps the best time of the year to surrender myself to the mountains, I went there with the highest expectations. And full of ideas to put into practice. Two days to discover some places and try to save some photographs, which I could look at later and take me back to that place.

I had just bought the Fujifilm X-E3, which accompanied me all the time, as well as the X-T2. And all the rest of the photographic equipment. That was how I had imagined the whole adventure. Walk the paths of Serra da Freita with the backpack on my back and the camera in hand.

Waking up early is never easy. Waking up, sometimes still at night, makes the task even more difficult. I am staying just a few kilometers away. The days are cold. Fog fills the landscape. Only silence is heard, or the water falling. Wherever I go, it seems that I am the last human on Earth. But it seems not, because I say hello to two or three people who work in the fields.

The colours of autumn are very present. How beautiful they are. But the monochrome of some areas is also inspiring, matching the whole scenario.

Intuitively I raise the camera to photograph the whole spectacle. I have used the Fuji XF14mm on many occasions, but these mountain scenarios often call for a telephoto lens. The XF55-200mm, which I use very rarely, brought me even closer to this place, to its imposing landscape.

The cold, present throughout the day, during the two days, was forgotten. Even when my hands insisted on saying that it was there. The wind, just as cold, blew in my ears. But that was precisely what I expected. This was what I wanted for these two days of photography, in one of the least known mountain ranges in my country.

Co-Editor and co-founder of the Fuji X Passion project. Portuguese photographer with passion for landscape photography.


  1. These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. They make me miss Portugal so much – and remind me I still have so much to see there! Obrigado.

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you for your words, Mark.

      In fact, it’s spectacular that we have so much fantastic places in a such little country. Even for me, for the most Portuguese people, it’s hard to know every little square of this land. What turns all the photographic trips (and not only) in a fantastic adventure.

      Stay safe. Cheers.

  2. Just love the cinematic look of this images Maurício.
    I enjoyed reading about your experience, as it made me remember the good times I spent exploring these landscapes too. The cinematic look of the Mizarela waterfall is the most beautiful picture I’ve seen of it. Somehow it captures the majestic side of it, immersed in a silence that seems to be present there since ages ago.

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