The Sound Of Silence – Photography Book, by Eduardo Asenjo Matus

Eduardo Asenjo Matus is a young photographer from Chile, and we fell in love with his work from the first moment we saw it, about 3 years ago. And since that time, we have had the honour of publishing several of his articles, both on our website and in the monthly magazine.

Eduardo is a kind and unique person, and this is reflected in his work. In a world of social media, trends and algorithms, it’s easy to give in to the temptation to follow the current, but Eduardo decided to create something of his own, following his heart. In a fusion of long exposures with Street and Documentary photography, he creates unique and unrepeatable images. Always looking to embrace new projects, more recently he has created a series of portraits, using the same technique.

With his Fuji, he produces pieces of art that deserve to leave the screen and be printed on paper. And fortunately, this happened with the launch of his photography book The Sound Of Silence, which we are honoured to possess a signed copy.

We all like to follow the news from the photographic industry, new equipment and accessories, keep up with the sites of rumours, always hoping to buy that piece of gear that will make us better photographers. But there is something that can do so much more for our photography, which is to consume the best that is done throughout this world. And if it’s printed, even better. Connoisseurs of good photography books will surely know what we are talking about.

By buying a photography book or a print, we are supporting the artistic community, we are encouraging them to produce more and more often, and that will be good for all of us. And if you ask us which next book you should buy for your library, we won’t hesitate to recommend The Sound Of Silence, by Eduardo Asenjo Matus.

Check Eduardo’s website and follow him on Instagram:

To purchase your copy of this book, send Eduardo a message or contact him using the form on his website:

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