We asked you to show us pictures of your Ex, and here are the results!

In this post that we published a while ago, we challenged our readers to show us pictures of their “Exes”. And they did 🙂

The responses were quite surprising. All with different backgrounds, coming from different camera systems, switching to Fuji for different reasons, but we loved reading each of the stories shared.

We had said that the 3 winning stories would be published in the October issue of our magazine. But in fact, we enjoyed them so much, that we decided to publish them all!

This month, our magazine will have a free ebook attached, in which you can find all these testimonies. Stay tuned!

Because at the end of the day we have to decide the 3 winners, we will now name our readers who have just won a yearly subscription to our magazine!

Christian Simmerl

Jess Martin

Shannon Reiswig

The jury was composed of the following members:

  • Maurício Reis – Co-founder and editor at Fuji X Passion
  • Hugo Pinho – Co-founder and editor at Fuji X Passion
  • And a very special guest, Eduardo Asenjo Matus, one of the most promising talents today, and author of the photography book The Sound of Silence

To conclude, we would like to thank all participants for sharing their personal stories into this beautiful world of photography.

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