Street Photography Contest 2021 – Winners and Free eBook

A few weeks ago, when we launched the challenge to our readers to participate in the first edition of the Fuji X Passion Street Photography Contest, we were far from imagining that we would receive so many and such good pieces of work. This initiative was a success, far exceeding our expectations. And it certainly won’t be the last time we do it. Our deepest thanks to all the participants.
Hans Wahlgren

2nd Place
Mikael Carlsson

“Poland, Stargard, 2020 – Strike leader screams “Woman Rights” during the protest against abortion law restrictions. The protests were illegal during pandemic times, but the community movement was so strong and so big that the government and police couldn’t stop them for over a month with protests happening every day.”

Honourable Mentions

Eiji Yamamoto

An old man walking and a child riding a bicycle. There is a bridge in front of them and a tunnel below no lighting. The entrance looks like the entrance of a black world.

Jacopo Pracucci

Napoli – 2018
Naples is a city full of life, especially the suburbs are a perfect place for a street photographer. I consider this shot to be my first “street” photo: I was photographing the huge concrete buildings, typical of the Neapolitan suburbs, when I noticed that on my left there was a little boywho was observing me with his big eyes, his gaze was intense and rich of emotions. I seized the moment and took this photograph which, to be honest, I’m really proud of!


Ashok Viswanathan

An evening walk outside the Mylapore temple yielded this image. All Hindu temples have a white wall with red verticle stripes, and the image needed some foreground to add interest. The area around the temple in Chennai is a favourite hunting ground for local photographers.


We have selected the best among the hundreds of photographs sent, which you can enjoy in an e-book that we have prepared for you. 
104 pages of inspiration that no Street Photographer will want to miss. For each of the selected photographers, find out what motivates them, and get to know the cameras, lenses and settings used.

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In addition to the Fuji X Passion memberships, each of the 3 winning participants will receive a signed copy of the book THE SOUND OF SILENCE, by Fuji X Photographer Eduardo Asenjo Matus.
The jury of the Street Photography Contest 2021 was composed by the editorial team of Fuji X Passion, in association with a special guest, Eduardo Asenjo Matus, an award-winning Street Photographer and Fujifilm X-Photographer from Chile.


    1. Hi Brian!
      Thank you so much for your feedback. This is exactly our goal, to inspire people to grab their cameras and shoot. Shoot a lot, if possible every day.
      We will count on you for future editions of this contest!

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