This week’s best on Instagram

Hi everyone! We hope you’re all doing well.

Do you already have plans for this weekend? If you need a little inspiration, we’ve prepared a selection of photos that will make you want to grab the camera and walk out the door 🙂

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Eser Tekin – @tekineser
Fuji X-T4

Alwin Kok – @alwin.portraits
Fuji GFX 50S II . GF80mm F1.7

Kearnan Murphy – @kearnanmurphyphoto

Alessandro Renzi – @alessandrorenzi

James – @nordictripod
Fuji X-T3 . XF18-55mm F2.8-4

Markus Schwarze – @markusschwarze
Fuji X-Pro3 with XF27mm F2.8

Ilano Lima – @ilano_lima

Tom Hulme –

Henry Aries – @_henryaries
Fuji X-E4 . XF16mm F1.4

Ricardo Santos –

Nan Greindl – @nantog_
Fuji X-T4 . XF90mm F2

Amelia Smith –


  1. “Do you already have plans for this weekend?…”

    Yep. Earlier this year I bought the TT Artisans 17mm f/1.4 with one specific purpose… zone focused street shooting with the zone set via the comprehensive DOF scale on the lens. This weekend is the first downtown festival since the pandemic, should be lots of people out and about.

    Spent the whole day in my back yard hip shooting trees with my X-E2s and the lens set at f/8 for a deep zone. Can’t wait to do what I could do effortlessly with my old film cameras.

    1. Hi Albert! That TTartisan seems interesting and quite affordable. It would be great if you could share a few samples here. Thanks!

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