Fujifilm X100V and X-E4 photo adventure in Nebraska

The Fujifilm X100V just may be my favorite camera of all time. It’s small, compact and can go almost everywhere with me. The X-E4 is almost as small, but can use different lenses. I think there’s room for both, so I took them along with me for a photo adventure in Nebraska.

Nebraska is full of “treasure” like what I found here, including an old fire truck, some amazing dirt roads, big country trees, and an abandoned schoolhouse called the “Neff Schoolhouse” near Blair Nebraska.

Some people have wondered why I use Fuji. And my response is: why not? Fuji cameras have amazing image quality, and also some fun colors like the black-and-white jpeg recipe I used below.

I also created a video of this journey, which you can find here:

"When people ask me where I get my inspiration from, I point to these amazing humans. They have taught me this truth: every story is worth telling. We just need to be brave enough to speak. I’ve been teaching for more than 17 years and I want my students to find their voice just as my family has helped me find mine. I’ve been photographing for just as long, and I believe my photos capture slivers of hope, joy and truth in this world."

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