Fuji X70. A New Class Act

For those who find X100 series a little too big and would prefer a wider angle; X70 may be for you. This premium finish X70 is currently the smallest and lightest X-series model with a 16.3MP APS-C sensor.

X70 is also the first X-series model to offer a touchscreen display that rotates 180 degree enabling users to shoot from high and low angle. I find this really useful for street photography. X70 also captures selfies for those photographers who love themselves more than taking photo of things around them. One is now able to focus and fire a shot just by a tap on the touch screen too.

X70 is indeed a younger brother of X100 series. Pack with the same 16MP APS-C sensor but house a wider 28mm F2.8 lens instead of a 35mm F2 on the X100 series (full frame equivalent). This new 28mm lens has seven elements in five groups, including two high-performance aspherical elements.
With a 9-blade aperture diaphragm, combined with the large F2.8 aperture and high-quality optics; X70 lets users take photos with beautiful creamy bokeh effects in a compact camera. At 340 grams; X70 is about 25% lighter then X100T. Its also more compact; maybe 20-25% smaller then the X100T.

I don’t think the existing WCL and TCL could fit the X70 because of the different focal length between the 2 cameras. X70 does have its dedicated own Wide Conversion Lens. WCL-X70 multiples the fixed focal length by approx 0.8 and thus converting it to a lovely 21mm ultra wide angle. I believe many who loves shooting landscape would love this new little wonder.
Another good news to accompany the WCL-X70 is the lovely optional external optical viewfinder. It attaches to the top plate mounting shoe above the optical axis of the lens. This viewfinder provides a bright frame for 28mm and 21mm angles of view.

Optional Optical viewfinder and WCL-X70
One body, three lenses. The X70’s fixed lens offers a 28mm angle of view but, thanks to the first Digital Tele-converter in an X-Series camera, users can also select 35mm and 50mm options. Settings for the Digital Tele-converter can be changed within the menu, or on the control ring on the lens barrel, enabling users to quickly check the image on the LCD before shooting.
This may not the a cup of tea for every photographer as we know it will degrade the image quality. Still a fun function to have for some.
The aperture can be adjusted by 1/3 stop increments using the aperture ring, while up to ±3 stops of exposure compensation is available on the top-plate dial. This features are exactly the same as X100T.

This new X70 is also equipped with an Auto Mode Switch lever for selecting the fully-automatic Advanced SR Auto mode. In this mode, the camera automatically chooses the optimum settings for a given scene to make shooting effortless.
The X70 is equipped with eight Fn buttons, each one of which is customizable. Further user customization is offered via the Q Button on the back of the camera: all 16 functions can be chosen according to the user’s preference.

Finally; I think X70 is a pretty capable little compact camera. Its will shine in the hands of any season photographer as the basic controls are all within your finger tips; literally. Fret not if yourare a newbie. There is always the Auto Mode Switch. When youare ready to step up in your photographic skill; this little camera isready for you.

The only thing that I miss in the X70 is a build in view finder. This is personal; but I love shooting with a electronic view finder. Thankfully there is still an option for a optical viewfinder.
If you are getting into street photography; then I think this may be the most discreet camera in the fuji X series line-up. Its the smallest and the lightest. Just make sure its in black instead of the classic two-tone finish. Another advantage over X100T is the tilt screen on the X70. You could actually do a lot more angle with the tilt screen; a daily advantage for any street photographer. Now what more could we ask for?

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