Prio Setiawan: X-perience in Paris

It has been nearly 1.5 years owning Fuji X-Pro1 to accompany in my daily life.

Yes, the camera is the thing I can’t live without. So you would have no wonder if I always bring a big backpack to my engineering office.

Being an engineer would not stop me taking photo, I won’t lost the time to freeze the moment every time I meet during my way to office or home.

Yeah, I know, you could freeze all those moments with your mobile phone. The best camera is the one with you in your hands.
Well, I have done it as you may see on my Instagram here.

But being old is also thing I could avoid from. Additionally, I have my back-pain after got an accident.

I’m no longer becoming the one who could bring heavy things on my backpack or shoulder.

That’s may be one of the reason why my lovely trusty Nikon D700 is being sold and replace to the lighter D600 to accompany my workhorse D3 with a bunch of lenses.

But since I met Fuji X-system, and I surely find a better way to bring everytime-anywhere-camera in my school bag.

Yes, I did intension to say, my school bag, since it is so slim and slight, and of course so light to come along with me everyday.

The X-Pro1 is not just a tool having a lot of features to capture photo but also becoming a “friend” with a pleasing old look camera.

As you might see, the whole kits are fit in my-school-bag. Fuji XF 35 mm f/1.4, a GoPro Hero3, an iPad, 2 additional fuji batteries for backup, charger and the power bank, also a Sirui tripod.

In addition, I brought as well the full set kit of filters and rings holder, but at the end I didn’t use it along my journey in Paris.

But however I do love my X-Pro1, I’ve never put my trust well even as my main camera for my commercial and wedding project.

Okay, there were 2 or 3 times I hang my X-Pro1 on my neck as my second body to capture wedding as you might see on here but -again- I never put the trust higher.

It might be due to the lack of fast AF in low light.

But this time – traveling to Paris -, I would take the chance to let my XPro-1 become my main camera.

Paris was our destination. So, I brought only X-Pro1 for taking street photography, having blue hour shots, architecture and landscape/cityscape, etc.

However, after having fun – or make the kids having fun literally in Disneyland, Paris – I have plan to go to the North West of Paris taking a beauty side of Le Mont St. Michel. A place with a full of magic and fantasy that you can ever dream of. It’s really like a dreamland.

Anyway, this my first time for taking landscape photo at twilight with my X-Pro1.

As seen, sometimes we have to push the boudary into limit to get known the gear.

So here are the results.

This shot above was taken with 35mm f1.4, taking advantage of wide open aperture to capture the stars light, an under exposure compensation was needed to get the light “show” of the Le Mont St. Michel captured better exposed.

From the results, I think my confidence to always use X-Pro1 higher.


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