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  1. Kevin
    September 3, 2016 @ 5:17 pm

    Great shots! I’m considering the 50-140mm as my next purchase and your write-up has made it a stronger case.
    Out of curiosity, what’s that tape called? I’m intrigued on how it works without leaving any residue.


  2. David Yeiter
    July 14, 2017 @ 1:43 am

    great review…thank you….


  3. Benjamin Drewe
    November 18, 2020 @ 5:20 pm

    Heya! Great review. Quick question, I just got mine delivered today which I was super excited for!

    When you shake the lens does it feel like it’s moving from one end of the lens to the other? I’m assuming this is a normal feeling. But I had the canon 70-200 before and there was no internal shifting when lifting the lens up.


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