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In almost every article I have written on my website, in the Blog section, regarding Fujifilm gear, I talk about the synergy between beauty and functionality. This is one of the strongest selling points for Fujifilm cameras. Apart from the Fujifilm’s performance required for our photographic needs, (for both pros and enthusiasts), they do provide something that most Fujifilm users, conscious, or unconscious are attracted to: beautiful, coherent design. A camera is a tool; there are many types of cameras/tools out there and many of them provide a level of performance that, if we are honest to admit, truly spoils us. When I see what a good digital mirrorless camera can do today, I just wonder, what how did pro photographers in the past, managed to use their film cameras? No autofocus, not an LCD on the back of the camera, no high ISO levels and super-fast shutter speeds, etc. What were they thinking in terms of the “perfect camera”, or at least what where their wishes, in order to have something “better” than what they were using back then? How did they achieve an excellent result with gear that performs less than half of what our camera can do today? Magic? I don’t think so. CONTINUE READING…

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