Premium How to backup your Fujifilm camera settings

As children getting their first bike, so do we adult men (and women) get a twinkle in our eyes when we buy a new camera. Then there are days – and nights – looking at it, touching here and there, trying to figure out the menus and its options, so we don’t get lost when it comes time to take a photo. We change what appears on the LCD or viewfinder, the quality and resolution of images, the focusing system parameters, the configurable buttons with their thousand options, the video mode, the range of ISO values, etc, etc… Hours (many hours) later, you finally have the camera set to your liking, just the way you want it. But in the meantime, one of the following scenarios (among others possible) happens: you lend your camera to a friend and he or she unintentionally unconfigures everything by resetting the options to their default values. Or someone steals or damages – knock, knock – your Fuji. Or that you need (how many of us don’t, do you?) a second backup camera. For some people, this can be real hell, a horror movie, as it is not always easy to remember all the changes that have been made. As you have a Fuji, please be aware that you can backup the settings so that you can upload them again into your camera or in another one you purchase. If you already know how to do it, you agree that it is something that makes a big deal. Until recently it had not even crossed my mind that this type of operation was possible. Until I bought an X-E3 to keep up with my X-T2, and having the camera set up, I lent it to my four-year-old son who, by magic, managed to reset the all values to the default ones. I didn’t want to believe it, but it wasn’t worth getting depressed either, because the only solution I had left was to reconfigure everything again. Until I learned that there is a way to save these settings for use in borderline situations like the one I reported, or if you buy a new camera to replace your damaged or stolen camera. If you don’t know what to do, these are all the steps you can take to backup your Fuji camera settings: CONTINUE READING…

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