Premium What makes a good photograph?

What makes a good photo is one of the essential questions when talking about photography. No matter the degree of proficiency in understanding and feeling the visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.), we all have an inner compass which indicates (on a subjective level, of course), what photos are good, less good and bad. If you are a true beginner, you must have an idea, at the first perception level, that a photo pleases you, or not. As an artist, or an art curator, you have more “tools” in understanding and assessing the value of a photo. There are many elements involved in creating a great photograph. Let’s not forget the fact that this means going deep into the territory of subjectivity. However, there must be some criteria, some sort of a systematized scheme which the value of a photo is based upon. This is why, the morphology of creating good photos, in my view, has about six structural principles: subject, story-telling, composition, post-processing, motivation and audience. Let’s see about those constituents, one by one, below. Subject: A photo should have an interesting subject. A subject can be defined as a person, a plant, an animal, or an object, or simply an element of the surrounding landscape. But your attention should be drawn to a subject, a concept – which is the pillar of your photograph. The relationship between the subject and the surrounding space in your photo (visible, or invisible), is what makes the photo telling a story, conveying the action which animates (or not) your subject. CONTINUE READING…

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"My name is Sebastian Boatca, a photographer based in Brussels, Belgium and I embrace life through my experiences as a man, husband, father, traveler and photographer. The artistic expression is one of the ways we can blend into nature strings and communicate with the people around the world."