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We have read many stories on Fuji X Passion Inspirational Photography Magazine, and all of them are captivating. Apart from the fact that we continuously learn useful tips about using Fujifilm gear and improve our techniques, this community is so much more! It is not a place for clinical, mathematical reviews, talking strictly about technical specifications (you can find this type of information elsewhere), but a venue for personal stories; it is about discovering less known artist photographers and their beautiful artistic outcomes. It is a place to celebrate the beauty, the entertainment of being involved in photography and discover what it means in relationship with recording alluring realities.

My stories on Fuji X Passion Inspirational Photography Magazine are all personal, with the consistent flavor of subjectivity, but this is what most of us, gathered here, would like to hear about. Today, I have a new short story to tell, about my transition towards completing a circle (I presume) in my personal journey using photographic gear.

After playing with a Russian Zenit-E film camera, from my father, while I was very young (which I still have and use), I have started my interest in photography with a compact camera. Then, as a passionate amateur photographer, I have felt I needed something more than what a Panasonic Lumix with Leica glass on it can offer. This was my first digital camera for photography.

Afterwards, I have discovered notions like manual exposure, bokeh, fast autofocus, high-quality glass, different lens types, great ergonomics, huge battery autonomy, that “professional look”, full control of your settings, great IQ and superior performance at high ISO levels. All those things were incredibly interesting and made me forget of the compact camera, pushing me to experiment more, expect more from my pictures. This is how I went into a different category when getting my Canon EOS 60D DSLR, with a collection of 5 – 6 lenses.

What happened, later? The Mirrorless concept started to grow online: articles, reviews, tests, photos, stories about interesting models, but none of these as important and captivating as the launch of the revolutionary Fujifilm X100. “Revolution”? Why? Because it had a perfect design, an APS-C sensor, plus that hybrid viewfinder which is an awesome concept.

Shortly after X100 made its strong presence within the photographic community, Fujifilm launched the X-Pro1. This was a turning point for me, the moment when I have switched from the DSLR I had to Fujifilm mirrorless. While I was discovering the beauty of photography with X-Pro1, (my first Fujifilm camera, in a line of 6 Fujifilm cameras, until now), I have also abandoned the desire to go Full-Frame.

From a Canon APS-C DSLR, upgrading to a Canon 5D was the natural way, when expecting significant improvements in image quality and technical performance. However, Fujifilm, with the revolutionary X-Trans sensors and amazing lenses, proved me two essential things, which shaped the way I did photography since then:
• With a Fujifilm X system, there is no need to go Full-Frame, because all the quality and performance you need is there, in both their sensors and their wonderful Fujinon lenses.
• Fujifilm just showed me there is beauty, performance and flexibility in shooting JPEGs while forgetting about post-processing RAWs. With a carefully customized colour profile, I have discovered I have more time enjoying shooting. From my limited experience with different camera brands and models, I find that Fujifilm delivers the best quality in a JPEG file, thanks to their color science behind the sensor and their film simulations.


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"My name is Sebastian Boatca, a photographer based in Brussels, Belgium and I embrace life through my experiences as a man, husband, father, traveler and photographer. The artistic expression is one of the ways we can blend into nature strings and communicate with the people around the world."