Hey photographers, Phil needs our help after another surgery

Hi everyone! Phil Porto is a name that every Fuji enthusiast knows. We had the privilege to publish an article by him some time ago.

His work is incredible, and through his YouTube channel he has given so much to the entire Fuji community. Now it’s our turn to help him.

On December 14th, Phil went in for surgery to remove a tumor from his left eye to determine if there was cancer or not. Unfortunately, sickness took over, and he has been in the hospital since December 23rd. Looking at 400k in medical debt and being a self-employed creative without insurance, it’s our turn to come together and help him. Any small contribution is welcome.

His good friend Miles Witt Boyer created a GoFundMe account to help in this time of financial need and needing to take off work for recovery.

For full details and donations, see this link here:

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