THE FUJIFILM X-T1, by Rupert Marlow

SLOWLY BUT SURELY I bought a Fuji X-Pro1 as soon as the local Calumet had one in stock. I hadn’t used it, I hadn’t read much about it, other than about the fancy new (at the time) sensor but the one thing I had seen was Zack Arias’ notes on […]

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Classic cars, by Brice Lambert

I stayed true to Nikon SLR cameras for about 13 years, but the need to always have with me a good camera, that can satisfy my thirst of pictures, led me to find the perfect device! It started with the Ricoh GRD III, then the Lumix LX7 and the Ricoh […]

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Prio Setiawan: X-perience in Paris

It has been nearly 1.5 years owning Fuji X-Pro1 to accompany in my daily life. Yes, the camera is the thing I can’t live without. So you would have no wonder if I always bring a big backpack to my engineering office. Being an engineer would not stop me taking […]

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