From an X-Pro2 to an X-H1

My name is Adam Torres and I am not a professional photographer, I’m an enthusiast. I take photographs purely because I love the craft. I fully credit Fujifilm cameras for reigniting my photographic passion, with their beautiful industrial design and approachable ergonomics, they feel like an expertly made tool that […]

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My name is Nikos Kouklakis, I am from Chania – Crete, Greece, and I am an architectural Student in Vienna. For the Last two years I’ve changed my equipment from Nikon to Fujifilm. The reason is simple, not only the design and the ergonomy for Fujifilm is really nice to […]

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It all started with curiosity

I was introduced to the prospect of photography when my fiancé purchased her first DSLR about 3 years ago. One afternoon I picked up her camera and started turning the dials, pushing all the buttons – this thing was so foreign to me. I didn’t know why but I couldn’t […]

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I’ve been using the same camera bag for nearly seven years, the Hadley Small from Billingham this bag is perfect for street photography and it fits everything I need for a day on the streets. For me, my camera bag had to be small and lightweight, but at the same […]

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Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine – August 2019

Hello everyone!The August 2019 edition (+100 pages) of the Fuji X Passion Magazine is ready for you with wonderful images, interesting articles and interviews.This month you will find a magazine that you will surely enjoy.Creating memories and crafting legacy: An adventure with the Fujifilm X-T30by Bryan MinearX-Pro1 in 2019 – The […]

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My Fujifilm Story

My name is Lucas Hernandez, from Central Texas. I’ve been shooting since 2000. Photography was the only class in school that had my attention. I would roll up extra cans of film to take personal photos, while also doing what was needed for class. After many years of shooting film, […]

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